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The popularity of sex toys in Vietnam is on the rise since 2018, and there is a good reason behind it. Vietnam is a country that is known for its food, bikes, caves and beaches. In other words, people here prefer relaxed lifestyles and enjoy like anything else. Similarly, the importance of sex toys has been strong in this country for quite some time, and people are glad to pick up erotic objects here for fun.

Vietnam pleasure has, therefore, brought a fresh message along with an assurance for everyone that all would now be sexually happy and stable. This online sex toys store in Vietnam is rather focused towards making people aware of sexual wellness instead of any commercialization. The sex products it has got are meant for all men and women who want to end an inactive sex life.


Why Purchase Sex Toys Online from Vietnampleasure.com?

Vietnampleasure.com invites all men and women, singles and couples in Vietnam to witness how they can easily shop for world-class adult toys right from their home. What’s great about this budding online sex toy store is that it is manned with professionals who are always there to help. 

Be it shopping from the website or placing an order through call, Vietnam Pleasure promises a great experience for all those who desire to buy sex toys online. The store has diverse categories and subcategories under which different products have been segregated and presented. Each and every product sold here is imported and bring no toxic effects on anyone.

Vietnam Pleasure also makes it easier for anyone to buy online sex toys in Hanoi with a few clicks. It doesn’t matter where you are resided in the city, this online adult toy shop in Vietnam will get your job done in time.


How to Order Sex Toys Online from Vietnampleasure.com?

There are two possible ways through which you can place an order for sex toys at Vietnam Pleasure:

- Simply go to the website, make you choice for the product you want, proceed to take a few steps and place the order.

- If you do not want to order through website, simply call up a customer care executive and place an order request.


What Sex Toys are Available at Vietnam Pleasure?

Good news is that Vietnam Pleasure now brings a sensational stock of sex products and accessories for one and all. Be it women who are deprived of enjoying their male partner’s love or men who are in want of deep sexual pleasure will love browsing the range of sex toys at Vietnam Pleasure. So, whether you are planning to order sex toys in Hanoi or anywhere in Vietnam, the experience will always be pleasant.


So, here are the products available at Vietnampleasure.com in case you wish to order here online:


Female Sex Toys in Vietnam


The demand of sex toys among girls in Vietnam is never going to die. So, Vietnampleasure takes this opportunity to bring some of the finest female sex toys of top quality under the category named ‘For Her’. Here also girls will be able to pick some great erotic gadgets, accessories as well as needy toys.


Sex Toys for Girls

This subcategory specifically has a huge variety of adult gadgets for women. Here one would find sex toys for female like rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, G-spot vibrators, realistic non-vibrators, sex machines, vibrating massagers, and more.


Accessories for Girls

Under the subcategory named ‘Accessories for Girls’, women will come across nipple vibrators, steel rings, breast silicone bra and pad, silicone breast prosthesis, and vibrating panty. These erotic accessories would certainly prove to be helpful for all women who wish to gain confidence in bed.


Needs for Girls

As far as this subcategory goes, one would find here essential adult sex products for a more adventurous sex life. Here one would find various types of pussy pumps, bosom enlargement creams, and even artificial hymen for those who wish to hide lost virginity.


Male Sex Toys in Vietnam


Men who wish to give their sex life a second chance to revive will be thrilled to shop from the ‘For Him’ category. Here one would find different mature toys and accessories for an increased libido.


Sex Toys for Boys

As the name goes, this subcategory has the most new-age masturbators and male strokers along with inflatable love dolls and big artificial vagina. These sex toys for male are high on safety and assure to bring men their most wanted happiness.


Needs for Boys

When it comes to shopping for needy male sex toys, this section stands perfect. One would find here cock rings, penis enlargers, penis sleeves, boys sex kit etc.


Couple Sex Toys in Vietnam


Just like Vietnampleasure does extreme care for singles, it has equally got a surprising collection for couples. The ‘For Couple’ category adds toy cleaners, anal dildos and also strap-on for every partner who wishes to make love in style.

The couple sex toys in Vietnam have also anal vibrators and anal beads along with varying strap-on models. Each and every product is worth trying to spice up a sexual bond.


Other Sex Products


Sometimes, your sex life demands a bit more, a little bit special and a lot more naughtiness. Vietnampleasure.com, therefore, brings some eye-catching and unusual stuff that would give you the pleasure to turn your nights hotter, better and undeniably memorable. So, here is a quick look at those other adult products we have for you:


Party Sex Toys in Vietnam

Partying in Vietnam is a must, and if you are missing it, you are at loss. Vietnam Pleasure, however, brings an amazing collection of party toys in Vietnam that would give couples the pleasure to sleep with each other. 

These include everything from sex swing, leather whip to mouth ball gag, chastity lock device, sex bondage chair, and what not. Also, there are pheromone sprays, erotically designed lighters and scented candles to shop for.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Vietnam

The category of lube and herbal products comprises everything made of natural supplements. For instance, there are herbal sexy products, delay sprays, Thai herbal massage oil and more. 

What also deserve attention are the arousal gels and lubricants which are safer for all skin conditions. Even the sex drops and sensual coffee packs are worth considering.   


Long Distance Sex Toys in Vietnam

Vietnam Pleasure understands what it means to stay deprived of lovemaking for long distance relationships. Hence, it has unveiled some happening app control vibrators equipped with eye-catching features and exceptional advantages.

With the right application installed and Bluetooth support, a smartphone user will find it worth buying from this online adult toy shop in Vietnam. Couples are definitely going to find it worthy after use.


Our Top 10 Trending Sex Toys

Right after the arrival of sex toys in Vietnam, things have been quite smooth for a lot of people. Talk about couples or singles, all have admitted about a significant change which they have felt on using such products. Some have succeeded to find out new lovemaking poses while some have bettered their relationships with their partners. Such has been the magical response to sex toys at Vietnampleasure.

Keeping such a nice scenario in mind, our online sex toys store in Vietnam has brought a fantastic variety of adult toys and accessories for men, women and couples as well. So, let’s find out the top 10 trending sex toys in Vietnam that would surely make a big difference to every sex toy buyer:


Realistic Vibrator

There is no bigger truth that girls prefer real things in bed. So, the realistic vibrator is no doubt a popular pick among the female toys in Vietnam. Although there are several vibrators to pick, a realistic vibrator takes a perfect look of the male penis that makes girls fall for it without any doubt.

Vietnampleasure boasts of the most stylish realistic vibrators in different styles, lengths, and colors. Surprisingly, girls of various ages in Vietnam have expressed interest in ordering these vibrating toys for doubling the fun.


Silicone Love Doll

Men have indeed no idea how a doll can make his bed hotter and better. The silicone love dolls here at our online sex toys store in Vietnam come with outstanding features. In fact, their realistic look is what makes them so popular among men.

Moreover, a lot of users have appreciated the lifelike bodies of these dolls. The silicone material makes them perfectly cuddly and safe to play with. Vietnampleasure has a splendid stock to display and assures to impress men in this context.


Masturbator for Male

When men get into the rhythm of stroking harder and harder, they achieve bliss like anything. So, here comes the male strokers in this list that definitely deserves an applause. These male sex toys in Vietnam are nothing but realistic masturbators that can be stroked hard to no end.

The male strokers at Vietnampleasure are high on quality and made of superior quality material. Since these come with pornstars of the vagina, men find these quite pleasurable to use and play. Men covering all age limits can play with male strokers with pleasure.


Super Girl

Men have always loved ruling the bed when it comes to participating in intercourse. Hence, a Super Girl will take seconds to make men turn on. These irresistibly hot dolls are perfect for all those men who want to meet their horniest desires.

Just bring this Super Girl to a man and he will take no time to cum with extreme pleasure. Well, it is true that these male sex toys in Vietnam are a bit pricey. But the responses these dolls bring to men are worth enjoying every night.


Anal Dildo

Do you know that 47% of the couples in Vietnam have said that they would always prefer using anal dildos for foreplay? Yes, the demand of anal dildos in Vietnam is just undeniable and one would witness this on browsing the collection here at Vietnampleasure.

Our online sex toys store in Vietnam brings a brilliant range of anal sex toys like butt plugs, anal vibrators, anal beads, and whatnot. Couples will definitely love shopping here from the unique range of anal sex products.


Penis Enlargement Cream

When it comes to extending one’s penis length, men get a bit worried and wonder whether this would be possible. A penis enlargement cream would now make this happen and that too with complete safety. These creams are formulated with special ingredients that result in steady growth in the length and girth of the male penis.

A fair percentage of users have said that the penis enlargement creams are life saviors, especially for those who lead a bad sex life. The results after using these creams are usually swifter and do not lead to complications.


Cock Ring

Who said rings are worn only on fingers? The male penis to deserves wearing a ring. Yes, it is the cock ring that has brought assurance to a lot of men in terms of regaining erection. These rings are rather quite easy to wear and involve no discomfort at all.

Our online sex toys store in Vietnam owns a wide array of cock rings in different shapes and colors. So, men who are looking for stylish cock rings will be the happiest shopping here.  


G-spot Vibrator

Interestingly, we received calls from lots of happy users saying they finally spotted their G-spot with the help of vibrators. So, we have added the G-spot vibrator to the list of trending female sex toys in Vietnam.

The G-spot vibrators look quite unique and stand out from others. Vietnampleasure preserves a modern collection and includes all types of models for girls who wish to conduct sexual experiments alone. Women are sure to love their solos and foreplays with these erotic toys.


App Control Vibrator

Couples staying at long distances will have no more sad stories once they have the app-control vibrators. Vietnampleasure brings a superb range of app control vibrators with advanced controls and features. Every smartphone user would be able to use this device.

The app control vibrator also requires Bluetooth support. Most importantly, both the users need not be present in the same location, and this is the best part of this erotic gadget.



Couples will hardly deny the fun they would derive from wearing strap-on. These sex toys in Vietnam are in top demand even today. Among the couples, a good number of lesbian partners had said that strap-on gives them intense joy.

Vietnampleasure has unlocked a sensational collection of strap-on for all couples who wish to lend their sex life new energy. There are various types of strap-on available here. Some have dildos attached while some have no straps.


Final Words

Now, you see why Vietnampleasure.com can make you sexually happy. It’s so easy to place an order online here and get quick delivery within 4 to 5 business days at your doorstep. Remember, buying sex toys in Vietnam here will be worth your time and effort. Just stay home and follow the right steps. 

Happy Shopping!!



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about 15 days
Andy Q.
Best online shopping store for adult products
Single men like me needs to remain happy. Well that was impossible till I discovered this amazing male masturbating toy on your website. Yes, trust me the flashlight masturbator is super sexy and also ribbed which gives extra pleasure to my penis. The discreet delivery of the product has also impressed me a lot. I am not only satisfied with the product but also with your online store.
about 29 days
Huynh N.
I am really glad to receive this product at my doorstep
Being am a beginner, I am quite amazed to find this sex kit for electric shock therapy. The 3 pre-programmed pulsation patterns are awesome to produce wild sensations in all the chosen parts of my body. My partner controls the power and intensity of the gadget by looking at the LCD. There are multiple vibrating modes which can be efficiently operated by us. Both of us are enjoying new methods of lovemaking by using this excellent gadget. The experience is simple awesome!
about 1 month
Minh B.
Wow.. just looks like a real
Oh my God!! She is just sensational. Although she looks like a doll, she doesn’t make me feel so when I am in action with her. Nicely built with prominent body parts! Even penetrating her was a pleasure when I did for the first time. I even found it easier to clean. Believe it or not, this would be no less a libido booster for men. Also, I would love to mention that it was delivered in a proper box securely.
about 1 month
Mr. J.
Thanks for the discreet delivery!
Lack of erection for me was no joke for me. I mean she licked my cock so well and despite, it slept like anything. But this cock ring turned the tables and brought the lion out of me. Now, I love to stay so long and my girl sometimes wonders when I shall finally ejaculate. Miracle it is!
about 1 month
Duong T.
Amazing strap on for couple
I wonder why couples miss out the fun with strap-on. This one has a sturdy harness and fits on the waist with ease. The vagina that comes along with the product is quite realistic. Men will love wearing it I am sure. In fact, couples are never going to get bored with such an amusing product.
about 1 month
Tran T.
Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl SG-001
Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl SG-001
Height 4 Feet Material SILICONE Weight 20 kg.
Awesome sex doll at the best product
My life is not anymore monotonous. Yes, I am super excited and satisfied after using a super girl like this. At first I was surprised to see her as see looks exactly like a real girl. When I dress her in a bikini, she looks too hot to handle. Moreover, the private parts are so detailed and soft that I never feel that I am penetrating inside a doll. Now, I don’t have to control my naughty desires as I can cuddle her anytime.
about 2 months
Jennifer P.
Good quality product at minimum price
Fragrance can create a romantic ambience which is proved after using covertly kiss perfume. With few sprays, I can attract my girl for a wild and naughty lovemaking. The perfume creates an enchanted surrounding every time and also boosts my confidence to the next level. Well, I wish it could have been a bit more budget-friendly.
about 2 months
Sarah H.
One of the best cream specially for women
Being a teenage girl, I was quite depressed with my undersized breasts. But after using this product, I can see the changes that happened. Since it contains all natural herbs, there are no side effects. Moreover, it helps to uplift my breast and has increased my bust size to a good extent. Now, I can carry myself with confidence after using this kiss beauty breast enlarging cream.
about 3 months
Kim N.
Awesome product for couple
Honestly, bondage sex is incomplete without sex toys. I experienced a steamy hot sex with bracelet, whip, goggles, mouth plug and feather that came with this kit. The red color is an added quality to make the things naughtier. Moreover, the hassle-free discreet delivery of the product helped to keep it secret from the others. Awesome service altogether!
about 3 months
Mr. D.
Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl SG-001
Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl SG-001
Height 4 Feet Material SILICONE Weight 20 kg.
Just amazing product made by silicone for male
I had no idea that sex dolls could look so hot. I had such a nice time with my new super girl. She looks actually like a girl of flesh and blood; honestly, she is so real. The credit is all yours for gifting me such an amazing libido booster. Thank you so much!
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